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Neolamprologus Calliurus

Neolamprologus Calliurus

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Neolamprologus Calliurus 

You will receive young fish bred by me, ready for your aquarium

These captivating little cichlids are from Lake Tanganyika and when fully grown display an interesting sexual dysmorphism, the male become much larger at nearly twice the size than females and has lyre-tailed fin extensions. Both males and females show a galaxy of colours, blue, purple, pink and yellows within the white pearl tones of their body and they are defined by their orange/yellow spot on their heads. 

They do need personal space and line of sight blocks as they are semi-aggressive and do best in groups. They inhabit deep water around the shoreline of the lake,  these areas are characterised by soft substrates, rocks that create caves and shells on the sand substrate. 

  • Sizes up to - Males 11cm and Females 5-6cm 
  • Hard water with a high PH of 7.5 - 9
  • Temperature 24 - 26C

Sold unsexed, they are unable to be sexed while juvenile size, however once fully grown the adult male is much larger in size.

 To set up a Neolamprologus Calliurus aquarium you will need

  • Tank 60cm x 45cm x 30cm for a pair or larger size for a group
  • Small cave or rocks - They tend to use these for spawning.
  • Empty snail shells, not used often but makes them feel safe, they will use them to spawn and the fry enjoy hiding in them - I use escargot shells
  • Soft sandy substrate, Does not need to be deep but they do like to move it around to keep fry safe - I use fine aragonite sand and it helps to keep the water buffered to 8.2
  • Texas holey rock - Optional however it helps to buffer the water and provide line of sight blocks
  • Plants - Optional extras but appreciated by the fish, I have anubias and Java fern on the Texas holey rock with a little Vallisneria around the sides

*The photos is from the actual breeding group.

"From my hobby to yours"

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Common questions

How to Acclimate your fish and shrimp

Then provide an answer that will help your customer make an informed purchase.

How to acclimate your fish and shrimp

Fish and Shrimp will be stressed and will not show normal colours right out of the bag from shipping. They will need to acclimate in their new home for several days in stress-free conditions to begin to show true colours

We acclimate fishes or shrimp from shipping to prevent losses due to changing water conditions, it is necessary to carefully acclimate your new fishes and shrimp to their new homes to ensure your success

If your fish were packed in Breathing Bags, do not float the bags in your aquarium or pond.

The Breathing Bags cannot breath in water, only in air. If you have Breathing Bags, there will be no air in the bags and they will have writing on them that says they are Breathing Bags. Non-breathing bags will have air in them that the fish are using to get oxygen. Follow the breathing or non-breathing instructions as needed for your shipment:

Method for Breathing Bags
Do not float the Breathing Bags in the aquarium or pond. The fish will not have sufficient oxygen if the Breathing Bags are floated. Open the bags and pour out 1/3 of the water into a clean bucket. You may use an aquarium net to prevent the fish or shrimp from falling out of the bag. Replace the water removed from the bag with water from your aquarium or pond. After five minutes, repeat the 1/3 volume replacement procedure. After another five minutes, replace 1/3 of the volume again. Finally, after waiting five more minutes, the fishes or shrimp can be moved from the bags to the aquarium or pond.

Method for non- breathing bags
After turning the lights off to reduce stress, Place the fish or shrimp in their plastic bags in the aquarium where they will reside. Allow the bags to float in the tank for about 15 - 30 minutes. If the fish appear distressed, open the bags and roll down the top of the bags so that they are open and floating at the surface. A small portion of tank water may be added to the bags. After 15 - 30 minutes, the fish can be released into the aquarium.

If you need any additional help with acclimating your new fish, just ask. Email us at 

Sustainability Statement

We care about the environment, the animals in our care, the ethical sustainability of our business.

As a small business I have taken the following actions to ensure your purchases to not needlessly add to the global carbon footprint.

  • Our location is 100% powered by the Queensland sun
  • Water is recycled and reclaimed where practical
  • Packaging, where possible, is biodegradable

If you have suggestions on how we could do more, or have ideas on we can further reduce dependence on single use plastics or other packaging product please contact us at 

100% Live Delivery Guarantee

At Hand Picked Aquatics we offer a 100% live delivery guarantee on all our fish, plants, and other aquatic life. If something in your order arrives dead or is missing, please take a photo of the shipping bag. We'll arrange for a refund or replacement, freight and postage costs are non-refundable & are not able to be claimed.

Please e-mail your photograph and details of your claim within 24 hours of your order arriving to so that we can process your claim