Frequently asked questions (FAQ


Q. What is the cloth in the bag with my shrimp? 
A. Shrimp are packed with a piece white muslin cloth, This is provided for them to hold on to in transit, On arrival to their new home it can be discarded.

Q. My box arrived with a little white bag in it, what is it?
A. That is a heat pack we use in colder months, it is a disposable item, and is not reusable, simply throw it out.

Q. Can I choose the sex of the fish, or colour etc..?
A. At the moment we cannot accept this type of request, Fish are sold un sexed, and are shipped out at random, your best chance is to order a group of fish.

Q. I think the fish you sent are incorrect, they don’t look like the photos off the site, what do I do? 
A. Its best to wait a few days as fish and shrimp will arrive stressed from transit and lose their colour. The images on the website are examples only, usually of adults. This is to show you what the fish will likely look like when fully mature in good conditions. We ship juvenile fish which could be male or female. The fish usually develop their colours very quickly. If you still feel you were sent the wrong fish simply take a photo and send it into us at support@handpickedaquatics.com

Q. Can I come have a 'look'?
A. No sorry, the premise is not open to the public to keep prices down and local pick up is not available.